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Soccer FAQ's

Provided below is a list of FAQ's to help assist you with any information to prepare for the upcoming USFT Sports Camps. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact USFT Sports by e-mail at 

What time and where is registration?

-Registration will be open at 7:30am and will be outside of Meta Jenkins Hall for residential players. Commuter registration will open at 8:30am at DE Turf near the fields 10 and 11 entrance. Make sure you have your filled out medical form at registration!

What happens if you lose your room key?

-All athletes are responsible for the key given to them at registration.  If lost, there is a $100 fee.

Will there be athletic trainers or medical staff available?

- A certified athletic trainer will be on site and in the dorms at all times. 

Are there assigned roommates?

- Yes, all athletes will be assigned a roommate. A change in roommates can be made after the first session on the first day of camp. 

Where will commuter athletes report to and where should they be picked up?

- All commuter athletes will report to DE Turf at 8:30am each morning and picked up each afternoon at 3:00pm at DE Turf. All commuter athletes must have a filled out Medical Form. 

Will there be supervision in the dorms?

- Yes, USFT Sports staff, athletic trainers and DSU Campus Security will be available 24/7.

What time is the first session and last session of camp?

- Registration will begin at 8:30am for commuters at DE Turf and 7:30am for residential players at DSU on the first day of camp. DO NOT FORGET your filled out Medical Form. The first session will begin at 9:15am on the first day of camp. Camp itineraries will be posted at DSU for residential campers. Please be prepared to pick up your child by 4pm on last day if they stayed at DSU. Click here to see the camp itineraries.

Are meals provided at camp?

- Yes. Commuters will be provided lunch and residential athletes will be provided breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

What should the athlete bring to camp?

-Girls and Boys Soccer:






Flip Flops

Shin Guards

Soccer Socks

Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, shower shoes, towel etc.)

Bedding-Twin (pillow, sheets, blanket)

Snacks and drinks (meal plan is included in registration price)

How do I pay my balance for camp?

- Your balance for camp can be paid at or prior to registration. Checks are the preferred method of payment. Accepted credit cards are Visa and Mastercard. If paying by check, please make out to USFT Sports.

In an emergency, what is the best way to contact USFT Sports staff?

- Please contact Joe Brown at (336)-669-0751 or or David DuHadaway at (302) 388-5723 or

How do I fill out a medical form and who do I send it to?

- Download and fill out the 2019 USFT Sports Medical Form and please bring to registration. All campers MUST HAVE a completed medical form to participate. Medical Forms may be filled out before hand and sent to

Will athletes be permitted to leave campus?

- No. All athletes are required to remain at camp during the duration of camp. Commuters will remain at camp until the end of the last training session and will not be permitted to leave during camp hours.

If my child has specific diet requirements, who do I contact?

- Please contact Joe Brown at with information regarding your child's special dietary needs. 

Are dorm rooms air conditioned?

- Yes.